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Southeast London Metalheads formed as Enquire Within in 2016.

A review from their 2022 tour said 'Daniel Lewin, unleashes a monstrous voltage of guitar distortion. Heavy music makes us do strange things, and I’m fist-pumping my way through the opening song, ‘Bloodlines’, and screaming unintelligible syllables at the top of my lungs as if nobody else existed in this room. Two people next to me thrash their heads to the circular riffs and demonic vocals and seem to be having the same experience as me. Lewin’s technical groove riffs and Amelia P. White’s deep bass incursions give their chaotic death-thrash a perfect platform for Waller to clear his lungs and cleanse his body of the demons that possess him'.

Enquire Within are a five piece metal band from London that combine groove with thrashy riffs and melodic leads. Established in 2016, they have released two studio albums, Bloodlines (2019) and ReBirth (2021).  The band released their Live at Hackney Road Studios album in November 2020. They signed to Devil's Clause Records in 2022 and are currently recording new material to be released in 2023. A review of  ReBirth said 'The band have sharpened their skills at the grindstone and that shows from the very beginning of this record; the band are sharper, tighter and fueled by more dark energy than before'.

The band have gained a loyal following and growing reputation as a must see live act after playing the main stage at Hammerfest (Feb 2022) and supporting Helgrind on their UK wide tour of 2022. In December 2022 their performance lit up the O2 Sheffield at HRH Vikings. They are supporting Acid Reign in their Spring 2023 Tour of Entitlement and return to Hammerfest in Feb 2023.


Bass Guitar: Erim Ahmet   Rhythm Guitar: Amelia P-White     Lead Guitar: Dan Lewin    Drums: Henry Waller     Vocals: Jacob Waller

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