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final Seal

Released in June 2023

Enquire Within's 1st single after ReBirth. Exploring the aftermath of a wasteful society, Final Seal delves into the decrepit and ruinous.


Released in September 2021

Enquire Within's 2nd Album. ReBirth follows the tale of a man driven to despair. Will he find his redemption or will evil consume him in its woven veil.

Live At Hackney Road Studios

Released in November 2020

A live recording of Enquire Within's debut album 'Bloodlines'. Filmed and available on HRH TV

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 09.14.09.png

Released in October 2019


Enquire Within's debut album, blending metalcore and thrash.

video series

Live at Hackney Road Studios

Under the Covers

Enquire Within Live

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