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Off Yer Rocka Recordings presents


RebirthEnquire Within
00:00 / 04:25


30th September 2021

Pre-sale 23rd August 2021


01 Tainted

02 Remorse

03 Annihilation March

04 Judgement 

05 Deafening Silence 

06 Burned


07 Get Out


08 I am Eternal

09 Berserker


10 Cocoon 


11 Rebirth


Album Description

War is hell, it makes villains of good men and monsters of evil men. 

One such man is in the midst of conflict and finds himself committing acts of pure evil, distraught by what he has done, he thinks back to his recruitment and the lies he was told to get him to sign up.

He fears he can never save his soul.

Due to a mental breakdown he is sent home and struggles with life away from combat. He fears God’s judgement for his crimes, he is scared of hell and most of all is scared of himself. He liked it. He enjoyed combat, he enjoyed killing. This terrifies him and he contemplates suicide. Knowing that this will only damn him to hell he struggles to carry on with this burden. Struggles to continue living knowing just what he is…until he loses control. 


Almost without knowing it he once more takes a life. This act of violence destroys what little is left of his sanity and he falls apart at the seams, he embraces his maniacal side and begins a journey of carnage and murder.

He begins to see himself no longer as a god fearing man, but as a blood thirsty devil, he releases the monster and becomes it. He continues to kill and feed and kill, becoming more than just human but a monster of pure hatred and bloodlust.

He doesn’t want to save his soul anymore. 


Recorded by Erim Ahmet 

Music by Dan Lewin & Henry Waller

Lyrics by Jacob Waller 

Mixed by Erim Ahmet 

Mastered by Chris Pavey

Artwork by Draca Wilford



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